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Customer success is a top priority at Cumulus. Our support services include different plans so you can select the level of service that's right for your company. All our plans are designed to accelerate user adoption and increase productivity.

Basic Plan

Every Cumulus customer gets a Basic Plan for online support and training. Our Basic Plan, included with each license, provides

  • Access to our "Getting Started" online course catalogue.
  • Online assistance through articles
  • Online case submission
  • Standard 2-business-day response
  • Basic Plan is for companies that need standard guidance in getting started with Cumulus.

Standard Plan

Our successful customers take advantage of Standard Plan to achieve higher return on their Cumulus investment. It ensures business continuity and minimizes risk.
Whether you questions, technical issues, or need developer support, we give you expert answers.

  • Initial response for critical issues
  • Priority access to our most skilled technical resources
  • Drive user adoption and business productivity
  • Quickly train your entire team on Cumulus Software's and they'll get the expertise they need, right when they need it.
  • Access to online training courses for all roles
  • Training plans and role-based learning paths
  • Customizable training templates for you to customize and deliver in your preferred format

Premier Plan

Premier plan gives you peace of mind by helping you ensure your business continuity, proactively prevent issues, and maximize your investment. The Premier Plan includes all the benefits of basic and standard plans along with benefits like Administration services:

  • Administration services for ongoing application maintenance
  • Direct access to qualified support specialists
  • Fast response to critical issues: Initial response on severity issues
  • Personalized action plan on critical issues
  • Remote org limits monitoring, trend analysis, governance, and management
  • Advanced developer support

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