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Your business needs a better system to simplify work and improve capital relations.

Business world was always in search of a safe, user friendly, affordable and cost effective HR solution. You always wanted choices; a rich array of modules suiting your requirements and budgets including features like Employee Information Management, Recruitment, Payroll, Leave, Travel, Benefits and more. Finally your search ends here; CUMULUS brings to you the best HRM Software, highly efficient, reliable and easy to use with data backup settings with the best secure application architecture and the major advantage is that this software need not be installed to your systems. Another supreme feature of CUMULUS HRM is its seamless working in multiple devices like systems, mobiles, tablets etc. It also provides Employee Self-service which has an eye pleasing dashboard with updates from major features of HRM Software so that employees stay in touch with company management directly. Bringing a lot of benefits to organizations of different sizes and sectors to manage static and dynamic employee details efficiently and effectively gives us immense pleasure. CUMULUS HRM Software is an ISO, SSL certified software with encrypted data storage feature.


Recording Employee information is now an easier job with CUMULUS HRM Software. Your Company must be facing difficulties while recording employee information under different categories. It definitely is a tiring work when proper mechanism is not available for storing experience details, job history, salary history, family, passport and much more. CUMULUS provides you the privilege to add any number of categories for Employee Management like Department, Designation, Grade, Function etc. You would not have to waste time when reports are to be prepared or modified. With CUMULUS HRM software you can record all details regarding employees under variety of categories with guarantee in accuracy.


A Challenging process in the working of a company is to keep track of vacancies or new posts coming up in company. CUMULUS HRM Software help you to manage vacancies and candidates by receiving resumes for respective vacancies by configuring company website's career page to post vacancies to the website and also collect resumes and comments directly to admin system. Another facility that makes CUMULUS special is that it can also be connected to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In etc. helping you to post vacancies on your company pages. It is also capable in saving candidate resumes for a long time. Now there is no need for prints outs of resumes and manual filings.


Attendance markings are automatic with CUMULUS HRM Software. In all companies manipulations always happens in the attendance section to avoid leave marking and late entries, Cumulus HRM would never support manipulations of any sort as it is the best choice you can find for attendance management and time sheet management. Attendance can be entered directly or system can be connected to a biometric device or smart cards to get track of working hours by each employee with minimum hassle and effort. These features allow HR admins to be in track with employee efficiency and reduce capital loss due to employee downtime.


CUMULUS CRM Software helps in enforcing leave management as per company policies. Issues are common in companies when it comes to company holidays, travel leaves, employee leaves etc. Leave management system can be configured as per company needs. Calendar holidays can be updated for accurate leave calculation and settings for employee personal, sick leaves etc. can be adjusted based on employee status, job title, years of service etc. Email notifications for employees can be set for calendar leaves, personal leaves, travel leaves etc. With Cumulus HRM software Leave Management system, year-end processing and leave carry forwards are easy to handle.


Company big or small need to be careful in handling their assets which might include old to new project documents, vehicles, pen drives, company flats. It is almost an impossible task handling these records manually as records can be manipulated by employees causing capital loss to the company, but with CUMULUS HRM software which has a special tracking system ensures that all company owned assets assigned to employees are tracked. Along with information about who is assigned with a particular asset, CUMULUS CRM Software also updates details like guarantee, expiry, tax details, insurance details etc. along with ownership details and payment bill.


The best and finest feature regarding Cumulus HRM software is that it is capable in handling any type of salary structure as settings can be adjusted according to company needs. It would be a mess when each month, you would need to calculate all the employee salaries manually leading to lots of mistakes, time and capital loss. With CUMULUS HRM in hand calculating all the employees' salary is just in a mouse click. The system is capable in collecting information's needed such as leaves, statutory deductions, loan, loss of pay etc. and would calculate each employee's salary accordingly. Also it would issue salary slip which would be error free.


Cumulus HRM software provides you the privilege of assigning and alerting employees with task to be accomplished like document filing, pending works, meetings and much more just like the alarm of a clock. With this feature manual effort is reduced at a high level and work flow turns to be really smooth. This feature is a high level time saver reminding you with employee birthdays, anniversaries, company events and many more as per company requirements.


Managing Travel schedules and expense claims with Cumulus HRM software is a best way to sidestep confusions regarding travel dates, meetings, bills etc. Employees would never complain about delays in reimbursements as calculations can be done easily and efficiently. It is also capable in handling multiple currenciesand multiple location travels, therefore one of the hand-picked features you can find in HRM software's.

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