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CUMULUS CRM is a completely transformed, individualized CRM user experience that is immersive, engaging and intuitive. CUMULUS fuses the straightforward simplicity and social aspects of consumer applications with the business process optimization of conventional CRM. There has never been an easier way to manage your customers' needs. It is a complete CRM solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes. You'll get powerful functions that you would want to use, driving greater business insights. CUMULUS CRM just doesn't keep track of your deals; it actually helps with your dealings.



Account is used to manage relationship with another company or organization with which your company does business, including Prospects, Customers, Vendors, and Suppliers. From an account you can view the Activities, Assets, Contacts, Contracts, Documents, Emails, Events, Expenses and many more or tasks that are associated with the Account or with any of the Contacts at the Account. Every fields are completely configurable, giving you the power to track only the information that is important to your business.


CUMULUS CRM Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. You can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data. Dashboard comprises of different types of charts that create cross-link reports spanning across multiple modules. Sales trends allow executives to observe won and lost activity that has been closed over previous months. Individual sales goal tracking allows each sales rep to set monthly and yearly sales goals.


Activities are how you keep track of business interactions, including tasks (e.g., phone calls or emails) and calendar events (e.g., presentations or business meetings). It gives a complete view of all Customer Interaction. All the activities are captured in the Automation system allowing the company to quickly and easily review the information in easy to understand tables, charts, or graphs.


This feature lets the mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to access, update and interact with customer data wherever they are. The software is in a complete responsive frame which fits to any devices like PC, Notebook, Fablet, Tablet or mobile. In addition, you will receive updates about company workings in any part of world which helps to manage work while travelling.


Reporting helps to monitor performance business-wide including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports and customer profiles. The data from each report is accessible, so users can drill down and explore data's impacting their business. Reporting provides a better understanding of who your customers are and how good your contacts are with each of your customer.


A personal dashboard is one that is generally set up by a user. For creating a personal dashboard u need to ensure that you have the role/privileges to do so. To create a dashboard based on your personal work habits/needs, is an interesting feature of CUMULUS CRM Software.


This feature is a great way to manage and see your schedule and your employee' daily, weekly, monthly schedule activities and customer meetings, calls, tasks and much more. You can track upcoming events, set reminders, create task and enter notes, attach files to calendar activities, associate calendar entries with one or more contacts and assign tasks to one or more employees. You are at a click away from history or contact information for a person or associated task.


Workflow automation lets you update the sales, marketing, and support processes. Companies can set up your own rules. Simplify your sales follow-ups based on your unique business needs. Automate approvals helps you to have greater control over routine discounts, product exceptions, and proposals. The result is increased productivity and a higher close rate…


Waste no time in finding your CRM Contacts and Leads' email information when you are ready to compose that important message. As you start filling in the email address, the auto-suggestion list will indicate your CRM contacts under a clearly demarcated section. Alternately, you can select the CRM tab in your address book and specifically search within your associated CRM contacts.


CUMULUS CRM file Management allows an organization to store documents, graphics, spreadsheets, and other file types and associate those items with the appropriate Account, Appointment, Asset, Contact, Contract and many more. These files can be accessed by any other member of your company that has the appropriate permission, improving communication and collaboration across the organization.


This feature supports complete sales cycle management by integrating Inventory management features, including Products, Sales Quotes, Orders etc. along with sales related modules, such as Leads, Accounts and Contacts. With Inventory Management features you can achieve smooth integration between pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities in a single application. In addition, you can also procure goods or services from the selected list of vendor.


The concept of roles carries privileges and access rights. With CUMULUS CRM Software you can set up the organization ladder using Roles.


Available 24/7, the CUMULUS CRM Support Center gives you access to a wide range of training and support resources, helping you get more out of CUMULUS CRM. You can also create and modify service requests as well as view system status alerts and notifications from this portal.

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